Powder coating gun suggestion

So I’m setting up my powder coating station in my garage/shop in the next couple of days. I have a residential free standing oven/range that I’ll use for baking and I’ll build a small paint booth with a fan and air filter that I’ve seen others use.

I’d like some feedback/suggestions on which gun to start out with and why. My highest price point is $350. My other question is where to buy powders and what powder colors to start out with.

I’ve read most of the other posts on here, I was just looking for some updated information.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving

If that is your budget then I would 100% go with a Redline EZ50 gun. Don’t even bother with a cheaper gun such as a harbor freight or Eastwood, especially if you want to do multiple coats. It has 0-50 kv adjustment, and air pressure adjustment directly on the gun and is very easy to clean. As far as powders go, I typically buy from prismatic powders and sometimes thepowdercoatstore.com.

Here is where I bought mine from. You get a 1 year warranty and you get a ton of accessories

And it’s on sale right now

I swear, you guys are going to make me buy another gun even though I’m having good luck with my eastwood.

For the signs that I have coated so far the wife, (Boss) likes the black texture and she has settled on this for now.

I buy the powder in bags since I have my own bottles to store it in that fit my eastwood gun and I buy them from usplastic.com


They are a direct replacement for anyone using the eastwood and I buy them 50 at a time.

They may have a plastic container that will fit the Red Line 50, guess that I’ll see when I buy it.

Lol I’m not saying the Eastwood gun is garbage by any means, it’s what I started with. But once you upgrade to a better gun you will realize how much better a more expensive gun is. The EW worked fine for single coats but was a pain to do multiple coats since you were limited on kv adjustment

Ditto. Two thumbs up for these guys. Both of them are good, lots of powder colors, work well, good prices and good service too.

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Yes, I will give it that, but I learned how to do it by warming the piece up for the second coat to stick so I really don’t know what it is like to have a gun that will do multiple coats without heating it up first.


Ya hot flocking was what I had to do as well, but it is frowned upon as it is not the proper way to apply multi coats. It can also be a pain to tell how much powder you are applying since the powder is melting as you apply it. It becomes very easy to apply to much powder

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thank you guys for the responses. I am looking at online reviews now and will probably go with the redline - if the wife approves it. lol.

thanks again for the responses.

where do you guys buy the extra bottles/cups for the redline gun?

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I typically buy them from Amazon

I have used Columbia Coatings for years. Fair pricing and fast service. Can color match to chip. I believe they have prismatic powers as well.

Thinking of upgrading to the ez50. Reviews online are mixed but everyone here seems to like it. Has anyone used the Mophorn setup. Online for 425.00. Hopper system. Just have not heard anything about them

Just purchased the gun this morning. It will be here Tuesday. Made a small application area and wired up the oven. I don’t have much room so I had go small.



so do these powders last a long time or do you blow through them pretty quickly? I just ordered about 8 different types of powders (matte black, gloss black, chrome, wet clear, gloss red, gloss blue, pink and teal).

just wondering if there is a lot of waste or if I will be able to coat a good amount of projects. Most of what I am going to do is just hobby stuff. Small 4" by 4" designs (ornaments for Christmas) and maybe 3 or 4 larger items, 18" by 14" split letter projects.

Thanks again for the replies.

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Oh it will last you along time with stuff that size. You don’t spray powder at a high psi. I typically set my regulator at 20 psi, then adjust the gun lower to probably 10 psi or so when shooting

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I knew I forgot something. I need to get a regulator for the redline gun.

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and an oil & water filter too. put it right at the input end of the gun so you catch anything the main line filters don’t catch.

So I got the gun today, hooked up the oil/water filter and regulator.

How do I do the ground? I read the instructions and it calls to sink an eight foot copper rod into the ground and connect the clamp coming from the power supply to that. And then a 14 gauge wire from the grounding rod to the workpiece.

What do you guys do for grounding when Powdercoating?


You will be fine with just grounding the clamp to the part hook. U can do a copper rod but it is not necessary