Posted a video of my nightmare

Okay, i know ive been a little bitch over this, i have zero patience and i dont like to spend money to have to work on something…anyway… i have to say support has been awesome from langmuir. I have posted a video of whats happening on tik tok just search klattin55 and the video will be the first one. watch what happens when i click the X Y axis and check out the torch head movement. i have to put it on 1 inch step or it will not stop moving.
support is sending me a new control board today.
here is the link to the video
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You have a lot of electrical interference all around that table, controller and computer. Post a new video of entire area around table it will tell the tale, preferably post on YouTube with full screen. I use a laptop on my pro with charger plugged in no problems with it until I plug charger into wall outlet on the other side of the wall then my table and software would do exactly what yours is doing right now. Plug back to wall outlet that pro controller is plugged into problems went away…Look where my laptop table is, I plug laptop charger and table controller in this outlet with no problems but if I plug laptop into back side of this wall everything goes crazy.

support sent me an isolator deal for EMI, that didnt fix it, i had to put the computer there so i could get it in the shot and it doesnt matter where i put anything it will do the same thing.

okay, i will try to move where i plug in but i can only get the RW45 to the opposite side of the table because of the length of the cable. i will do it now and post the results.

well no luck using different plug but i did manage to get a huge crash report,
klattin55 (@klattin55) TikTok | Watch klattin55’s Newest TikTok Videos
it’s all Greek to me but hopefully the smart guys can make something of it.
I have to post through TikTok because now this computer isn’t reading my SanDisk drive…