Post processor tab in Tool library

I am creating my tool library for a HyperTherm PowerMax85. I am confused on the Post Processor tab and it’s settings.

Do they have any use on a Crossfire PRO using this cutter?

Should each tool have a different number? Should they share?

The length and diameter offset change with the Number setting, does that do anything?

Thanks for any help!

You use your tool library to create a “tool” which consists of a kerf width + cut speed

You label these in any way you see fit; personally I label it with the thickness and type material, along with the tip used

This way whenever I cut “X” material at “Y” thickness, I don’t have to fumble around with manually inputting that information when I create my cut profile

As for post processor settings, these are specific to pierce delay, THC (enabled or disabled), cut height, and whatever else is stated on there

If you are questioning the blank boxes that also mention pierce delay in your tool library, those are omitted


I think we are talking about different sections. I am in MANUFACTURE~MANAGE~TOOL LIBRARY.

From there I am in LOCAL~LIBRARY and hit + to create a tool. On that window I am asking about the fifth tab labeled Post Processor,

Nope, I fully understand as I use Fusion 360 exclusively.

Here’s my existing tool list that I created, in the exact manner I described in my first post, and how you are describing in your response

In the “post processor” tab of each tool, it is disregarded as I stated so all of my values are “1” as it has absolutely no bearing on anything


But I understand now how my post was a little off, I could’ve sworn those values I described were also in the tool library but maybe not. It’s been awhile since I’ve added any tools to my library.

All you’d need to have are cut speed and kerf width as far as I recall.


Perfect. I just wanted to be sure I wasn’t shooting myself in the foot by not worrying about that tab.

Same thing for Holder? Has no use for this CNC?

That’s just like naming the tool; for personal use unless you are a large manufacturer with different tools and information needed

But if you were, you’d have a “guy” for this anyway and not asking on a hobby forum :rofl:

Even Langmuir’s instruction mentions omitting multiple fields if you went through their software workflow after building your table


Thanks for the help!