Post processor modification

A bit of an ask, but is there anyone on here that has modified, or knows what they’re doing when it comes to modifying/making a post processing file?

I have a file for a baliegh 4x4 CNC plasma table that likely has 90% of what I need to get FireControl compatible files from Solidworks CAM (2020 version if it makes any difference). I’m guessing there are a few specific sequence items at the start for IHS and THC and at the end?

Also not sure where exactly to ask this. I’m sure it would benefit a few people if I were to develop a post processor for Solidworks CAM and/or write a tutorial on how to do it.

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Previously, I made minor changes to post processors used by Fusion 360 and was hoping to dive a little deeper into customizing post processors using your request for help as a reason. Unfortunately, what your asking seems a bit beyond me. I did some research. On Solidworks Forum, Fanciso Martinez posted a link that explains creating post processing files for Solidworks. Also, I included a link to the universal post generator in case you want to try yourself.
Consider posting your question/request for help on Solidworks Forum. I have some idea what gcode FireControl needs for Torch Hieght Control and Initial Height Sensing but my experience is with AutoDesk Inventor/Fusion 360 and not Solidworks.


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