Post Processor in FUSION 360

I am having a great amount of difficulty turning my Fusion 360 design into a Gcode format so that I can enter it into FireControl. I have finished my Setup in Fusion360, and I have clicked on the “Post Processor” icon per the instructions on the Langmuir Systems page labeled “POST: Exporting your Part_ FireControl with Z-Axis”, however everytime I go through this process, I am never able to locate the folder I need to in Step A8 of the “POST: Exporting your Part_ FireControl with Z-Axis” instructions.

Gosh I am so lost and really don’t know what I’m doing - please help! All I want to do is get my design from Fusion360 into FireControl and I feel like it should be simple but it just isn’t.

Did you complete the 2D Setup and select all the cut paths?