Post Processor - G-code for XR

Anyone using Aspire, can you tell me what Post Processor you are using. Thanks.

Jerry you are able to program plasma stuff with aspire? i have Vectric Desktop pro but i assumed i would have to use sheet cam to make the G-code.

Thanks for the reply, I have a cnc router table and Aspire has a G-Code specifically designed for it. Thought they may have one for the XR. Just ordered the XR, so I’m sure I will have plenty of time to work this out before it ships.

Unless you are capable of writing your own post processor, the only Firecontrol compatible post processors are written for use with Fusion 360 and Sheetcam.

You could design in Aspire, as long as you can export a DXF or SVG file and then use Sheetcam for toolpaths and post processing.

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OK, I’m going to be using SheetCam, have already got it. When I go to Options/Machine/Post processor tabs there is at the middle of the page a box just below the words “Post processor”, when I click the down arrow a long list of post processors appear. Now this is where I get stuck, I see in the list “FireControl-v1.6”. Is this the lastest one for the XR, or is there an updated version and if so where do I find it. Thanks so much.

Firecontrol v1.6 is the latest post processor. There is no XR specific version.

Thanks, ds690, got an answer in 30 minutes. Wow this forum is going to be helpful.


@Jerry_Harrell you have no idea how supportive and helpful everyone here is.
I came here with zero CNC and only basic plasma experience

this group helped me understand all the terminology (which I still get mixed up on)…
they helped me understand my mistakes…and I have made many…

but always remember the m,ore information you provide on the problem and your system the easier it is to solve…

and always give back…

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