Post Processor for Vectric Aspire

Has anyone created a post processor for Vectric Aspire?

I use that program for most of my design work. I can export DXF files from it and import them into Fusion 360, but I am just looking to skip that step.

Thanks all.

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I use sheetcam…not 360. Sheetcam is way easier, faster and no problems. So export from Aspire then into sheet cam for the gcode and run the code. Fast and no issues.

There are dozens of excellent sheetcam videos. Other cnc plasma cutters that use sheetcam will show how to do all steps.

Check here maybe u’ll find what U need.[Mach3 forum]

I will check it out. I have been using Mach 3 for years on my CNC router table, so I should have thought about going to ArtSoft for it. Duh! Face plant!

Thank you.