Post processing

Hi everyone,

I have my table assembled and am trying to get some useable code to try this thing out. I need a little help with post processing. On the tutorials on the web there is a large window which comes up when you hit the post processing tool whic has a range of file paths where you can point to the Mach3 Plasma.cps file etc. When I do that, I get a very simple dialogue box which asks for generic or personal post and there is no option to point to additional files. When I use generic, and click “OK” of course the tap file is not created and the process fails.

Is this a change in Fusion360? I suspect the problem is that it cant find the right definition (.cps) file - but there is no option to change it… How do I trigger this?

Thanks in advance.

After that file is placed into the correct folder you should be able to go back in to the post Process window and select “personal library” and be good to go. If that’s not working I’m guessing the file was placed incorrectly.

Thanks Jason. I still couldnt get that to work (but I did find conflicting advice on where to place the file - could be difference between Mac and PC?).

BUT what I was able to do was upload the file to the cloud on my A360 account, and then access it back through the cloud in the post processing dialogue.

I think it demonstrates the same problem (unable to find the file) - but I have rectified using a slightly different method that the one youve thoughtfully suggested.

Thanks again.