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I’m new at this but have been watching all the tutorial videos to hopefully cut my first part! My question is, I have Mach 3 on a separate older laptop which I plan on using with the table, but I have Fusion 360 on my new desktop computer. When I’m working in Fusion (desktop) I’m not sure where to download the Mach 3 Post Configuration file, in order to export my G-Code, since my Mach 3 is on my Laptop. I’m sure there is a simple solution, but I’m not that good at this stuff.



Install Mach on both machines. Then just move the .TAP files to your old laptop to run on the Crossfire. I did the same thing - high powered machine for design & G-Code generation and older laptop on the Crossfire. I just use a thumb drive to move the files back and forth. The laptop on the Crossfire is in the garage, gets crud on it from the cutting spray and doesn’t need to be super powerful. Not gonna cry if something happens to it :slightly_smiling_face:

That makes sense! Thank you!!

Looks like I’m not out of the woods yet. The Mach 3 installed fine, but the Crossfire Mach 3 USB Motion Controller plugin download is giving me an error. Something about the file not having an ap associated with it? Anyone have an idea?

Did you try running it? You don’t want to do that. Just copy it to your Mach3 plugin folder. When Mach3 launches it will use the plug-in as part of its configuration.

Gosh I’m so stupid. That worked! Thanks again! :smile:

It’s all new to everyone of us at least once :slightly_smiling_face:

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Still new to me after 9 months. Ahh every day is a new day for sure.