Post processing issue

Hello. Quick question. How come when I post process and load the .tap file into mach 3 the toolpath is cut off . It will start the cut but then shut off because the design is not fully on the tool path gen. I’ll get a picture of the tool path if Im not explaining myself right . Thanks. Adam

Did you purches the Full Mach3?

No I don’t think so.

Demo version is locked at like 500 lines. Very small projects take that or some much much more. Your very limeted on what you can cut out with demo. Sux but…

I think for anything more than simple boxes & circles you’re going to need the full version. I routinely get 10 or 20,000 lines in a project.

You can break up your project into multiple toolpaths and load & run them separately to get under the 500 line limit but I find that to be more trouble than it’s worth - time & simplicity is worth something :slightly_smiling_face: By Jamesdhatch

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Thanks for the feedback guys. Sounds like thats my problem. . Ill update y’all if that was it .thank you for your time fellas I’ll give it a try.

Your very welcome. Get the full version and you will be ready to roll. Or cut