Post Process Recovery

Not sure if I’m posting this in the right spot but here is my question. Let’s say that I have a sign that I have created and created the G Code and saved it to my desktop in a folder named Post Process. I have deleted the drawing from Fusion360 so that I still have room for the ten file cap. I want to make a modification to the sign but don’t know how to get it back to Fusion360 to make the modification and cut a new and improved sign without having to redraw the whole thing. What is the easiest way of doing this?

my first question is why did you delete the drawing?..never ever delete your work…go and save it somewhere…anywhere…as you will always need it or parts of it at some time.

I am not sure who has software like this…I will tag a few very smart guys here who may have the answer

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Still trying to learn the system and wasn’t sure where to save my drawings. Fusion360 only lets you do ten drawings with the free software without having to buy the full blown version. Therefore, once I am finished with one I delete it so that I still have space in the allotted space.

just wait for a reply from one of the guys…I do not use conFusion360…but they have…and there is a way to download your drawing and save it…

Ten “active” files is the important distinction. In the future archive files instead of deleting them.

Also you can produce and save a DXF to store for later.


Now you have to convert a NC file to a DXF file.

NC to DXF plotter is another search term for this.

this one worked for me

it can have glitches depend on how it interperates the z axis movements.

glitches Example

You can project these all back to the same plane


Or you could keep it like this and it will literally show you the way out! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I use the free version of Fusion. It is 10 active files. You can change a file to read only after you are done with it. Once read only it doesn’t count as one of your 10. If you want to make changes to it later you can change it back to editable.


I’m not sure how I accomplished it but I was able to retrieve my document that I deleted. Opened it and re-saved it. Now it is part of the ten usable drawings in my file.

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As @Madman said all you need to do is go to your files and click and make it read only and it wont count against your 10 active files. Unless you are cutting a part with more than 10 layers the 10 active files limit should never cause you any issue.

@Madman @72Pony when I mark one as “read only” it disappears from my editable documents. Where does it go? How can I find it and put back in my editable documents so that I can make corrections and add to the drawing?

Inactive files are archived and stored in the cloud.

In Fusion 360 at the top left click the file icon.

In the drop down click open

under open will be a list of all your files. Click on the archived file you would like to edit and open it.

Once the file opens it will say at the top center that the file is read only and give you the option to make editable. As long as you don’t have 10 active files it will allow you to make it editable again.


I only ever have the ones I’m actively working on as active and I always export them to a folder on the computer in dxf and f3d when I’m done, just in case Autodesk takes away the free and don’t offer a lower cost version.