Post process on Mac after fusion UI update 2019

I’m trying to follow the tutorials and I got to the post process in fusion but it seams the UI has been updated since the video was made so I’m not sure what to do with the Mach 3 machine profile they had us download.
I’m using my Mac for fusion 360 and a old windows for Mach 3.

I’m using a Mac for F360 and a window X for Mach3, I’m not sure what you are asking though…
Are you asking about the profile for mach3 that you need to install on your window pc?

Davy the profile goes in the Mach3 folder on the Windows computer. When opening Mach3 loader you’ll see the Crossfire profile that way.

Langmuir system’s support gave me a link for the tutorial that works for Mac and it involves turning on cloud libraries