Post process Fusion 360

Does any know the new process to install the post process in fusion. I got a new computer and I can figure it out. The soft has change so the YouTube video doesn’t help. TIA

If you have the newest version of Fusion installed it’s now available in the built-in post process library so you won’t need to install it, just select it from there.

I could not find it. Do you know what is the name of the file?

Sure thing. If you go into the Manufacture space and go into the Milling Setup tab, choose the NC Program option.

In the Post processor box click the down arrow at the side and click on Choose from Library.

That will bring up the Post Library window and you click on the Fusion 360 Library option then scroll down to the Langmuir Systems post processor option, highlight it and click select and it’s now using the Langmuir post processor.

Hope this helps you.


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I’m trying to run the table for the first time and using a sample file to create Gcode. I have set up machine in Fusion360 using Post Processor langmuir plasma.cps and also set up in the Post Library. Under Machine and post under Post I have chosen Langmuir Crossfire Plasma / Langmuir Plasma. When loading program a Validation Error comes up stating that “This Program appears to be incorrectly generated using a Post Processor for Mach3” . Incidentally I do use Mach3 for milling. Am I missing a step? Thanks in advance.

Problem solved. Looks like Fusion360 was the issue. Downloaded new version from Langmuir site and works fine.

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Thanks I will have to do some more digging it’s not showing it in the library.

If you’e not seeing it in the library I guess you might be running an older version so you will need to download the post processor from the Langmuir Download page and follow the instructions here:

The post processor installation info starts at A.5 and is a pretty decent walk through.

Thanks I was looking for that.

Thought you might be able to get away without doing the install with the new version but :+1: