Post process for fire control

Hello, I’m stumped the post process from fusion 360 to fire control. I’ve searched for videos on g code and keep finding the Mach 3 version. I have the pro table.


Sheetcam is so easy to convert drawings to gcode
But the free version is very limited

What are you trying to do? Have you set up the post for fire control in fusion yet?

If you are using Fusion 360 you may have to down load the Post Processer from the Langmuir site yet. If you go to the Home page and select the support page you will find the down loads.

Thanks everybody! I got it figured out. I needed to lad the drivers. It’s all good now.

I am having the same issues. is the file suposed to be in a pdf? otherwise i cant side load the file into the post P tab.

The post processor file gets downloaded to your computer and then you have to copy and past the file into the file folder where Fusion stores all of the post processors. There is no PDF files involved.