Possible Warranty issue

So to start, i built the mr1 and its stayed in the same spot on a climate controlled garage for the past year.

Today i came out to use it, last time i used it was a week ago. Now the machine will.not connect, the connection is not recognised. The comouter i use is only for the machine with automatic updates turned off and no internet.

Checked my devices and cant find the langmuir machine usb connection anywhere. So after trying to trouble shoot windows for a hour or two i decided to open up the machine. And i found this. Mind you the machine has not moved and has very light use, maybe 10 -15 total hours of machining time.

@langmuir-reilly @langmuir-cameron
This looks like its a leg going to the common of the vfd. Im really hoping that this being unconnected hasnt fried the card. And also hoping that maybe for some reason it isnt event supposed to be connected and was cut be the langmuir since its not needed. But can anyone provide info on if this is my problem

I seem to recall reading a post that says this normal. While I’m not an MR-1 user (yet), I can’t verify.

So thats tracks with what i was thinking. But now that makes me worry the the board is dead. Vause im seeing no LEDs lit up. Heres a pic with power plugged in 120&240 with estop dusabled and both power supplys on and usb connected to on computer via usb.

@langmuir-daniel any ideas on if this is likipy a main board issue?

That wire is meant to be cut. Check the voltage on the output of the power supply with a multimeter. It should be 36v.

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This is your problem. Email Langmuir, and they will send you a new one.


Just check the pins marked 36 volts. If you have voltage, the board is bad.

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