Pmax45 machine torch length

Hi! I just purchased a Pro table and am getting all the peripherals to be set up and ready to cut when it arrives. I have 3 options of torch length 20’, 25’ (on backorder, no word on eta for next shipment), and 50’. There’s a marginal price difference between them, what length should I get for the table?

Currently I plan on keeping the machine on the floor next to/ under the table when not mobile, but will likely build a shelf or two with a rolling base and keep the machine there when being used on the table in the future.

Wasn’t sure if I should ask here or in the Pro section…

20 ’ is plenty long. Do not put cutter under table. electrocution hazard. here is my set up.


Welcome to the community! This would be a question that you should be asking yourself. Will you be using it there in the general area of your work space (20 or 25 ft would work) or in my case I have the cutter next to my roll up door with the 50 ft. hand torch so that I can use it outside without having to drag the whole unit outside. I also purchased a 50 ft. machine torch that I quickly connect or disconnect either torch and ran the machine torch hose over the top of my 12’ roll up door to the other side and back down to my table that stays permanently attached.


Thanks for the quick responses! I ordered up a 20’ torch. When I have to do any hand cutting (likely gouging and severance cutting) I’ll just grab the machine and my hand torch and off I go.

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Note that the basketball hoop is optional…

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Basketball hoop?

@stammykins I should explain. @rat196426 understands.

The water tank under the table, in the second photo above, is a repurposed base for a ‘portable’ basketball hoop. The tank is polyethylene and, in normal application, is filled with water to provide enough weight to keep the post and backboard upright.

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Oh! Didn’t even notice! That’s a good idea. Getting a dimple die printed by a friend. Was thinking about making a filtering & storage system for the coolant similar to a fryolator filter (couple of stages of filtering and a discharge pump with a hose). Not sure how well that would work if I used plasma quench or similar fluid?

A search for water or fluid tank will find ALL kinds of solutions on this forum. Several people use pumps without a problem. Filtering, IMO, is an invitation for clogging. Settling is pretty effective and simpler. Several of us prefilter by simply putting a scotchbrite pad over the drain. That catches the bulk of material that would cause you problems. I also add a few magnets around the drain to trap steel filings. Worthless for AL or SS, but great for mild steel.

I don’t use a pump. My tank is sealed and I use air pressure (just a couple of PSI) to push the liquid up into the tank and let gravity drain back into the tank when I’m done. Works well and is simple to implement. I use a simple float switch to turn off the filling cycle. Flip it on, by the time I’m ready to cut, the tank is full.

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