Please help, I'm getting frustrated!

I have been trying to get my unit set up, everything was working good a couple of day ago. The initial cut were not good but I am starting to zero in on the cut speed. Now when I run my simulations the internal cuts will not run. Just the external will cut in the simulation. Any Ideas?

Lead in radius angle or distance may be to large of a value to fit in the place your trying to cut. just a wild guess. I have that issue often and have to change it or it wont cut small areas. If you can save where your at on it make another 1.5 or twice the size and see if it works ok.


Thank jimt, it was the lead in radius. It was to large.


Your very welcome . Enjoy

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Really small internal cuts I’ve had to set center as the compensation
And almost O lead in and no lead out and nearly zero on the other settings . Like pierce clearance etc… and I’m using the smallest nozzle available a .6 mm fine kerf…
with an estimated .023-.025” kerf width…