Plazma cutter issues

I have a Miller 625 spectrum extreme with a hand held torch. Works perfectly when I use it by hand but when I attach it to my pro it burns the consumables up pretty quickly. Anyone with a similar experience?
I have water separators and a good air supply, like I said works great on its own. Wired to raw voltage.

have you actually measured you tip to material surface when it is at cut height? .06 programmed is rarely actually .06 in reality.

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It’s hard to imagine you don’t realize how much more arc time you have on the table as apposed to hand cutting. A water separator isn’t enough to get the moisture out of your air. Moisture will greatly reduce consumable life as well

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@Tyson30 Welcome to the Forum .

What do you mean by quickly?
200 ft of cutting and 200 pierces for example?

What material you’re cutting on your pro?