Plate alignment tools, with free .dxf’s

I got tired of using a combo square to align sheets with the X-axis gantry tube, and guessing how close to the Y-axis boundary I was, so I whipped these up.

These are by no means super accurate, but they help to quickly locate the material square to the axis’ and still leave a little bit of buffer material. The tall one, I use the long edge to simply eyeball the plate’s edge, since I cut all different thicknesses of stuff, it doesn’t go all the way to the material surface. The y-axis jig however, sits below the material bottom and limits the material moving past it.

Obviously it’s up to you to properly zero everything before you hit the Send It button.

These were modeled off of using a Hypertherm torch, so if the nozzle barrel on yours is a different diameter, the lateral dimensions of the bracket may need to be adjusted to suit your setup.

The way I use them, run the gantry to about 1/4” from hitting the stantion plates, use the ant eater looking jig to set the x-axis limit of your material and the y-axis jig to set the plates side limit.

I use this thing to make a living, anything to make it faster and/or more efficient, puts more money in my pocket. Am I the only one that gets off on leaving the least amount of scrap as possible?!

Less time setting up means more time cutting!

Link to the dxf’s


75% of my time is spent making sure I waste the least amount of material as well…you’re not alone my friend…when the OCD kicks in, it really suck! (sometimes lol)


Thanks for the share. Not wasting material is a big thing for me too :slightly_smiling_face:. I have a box of cutouts I have no idea what I’ll ever use them for but I hate tossing them :grin:

I did use a few to powdercoat with different colors so I’ll have an idea what they’ll look like once cured. But I’ve got way more scrap pieces than powder coating paints.

I’ve got alignment lasers on order but I may cut a couple of these while I wait.

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