Plasmadyn’s X45 CNC torch on Cut60

Hello all,
Looking for your opinions! I have the Primeweld cut 60. I’ve finally got dry air. The machine has been cutting like a champ! Though I am still only getting 350 ish pierces on my consumables when cutting 12 gauge.

Plasmadyn sells the X45 for the primeweld that uses hypertherm consumables. Is it worth the purchase? Will I get 1000 plus pierces!!? It’s $365 ish for the torch.

Thanks in advance.

If you buy anything Plasma related check with @mechanic416 George

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You may want to check with @ds690 he has been testing a torch from plasmadyn on his Everlast.

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I have a Hypertherm Duramax torch on my Everlast. It’s supposed to be good for up to 105 amps, but I’m running 45 amp consumables. The cutting results are very impressive, but I haven’t had it long enough to test the longevity of the consumables.

The Torch came from Plasmadyn and they changed out the lead and connector to work with the Everlast. I can’t say if their X45 torch will perform the same with Hypertherm consumables.

The consumables they sent with the torch were not genuine Hypertherm and they didn’t cut nearly as well as the genuine parts.

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Any updates on torch cutting results?