Plasma won’t fire (aparently solved)

Hello, I’m having an issue where I’m not getting any voltage. I just cut some 1/4” parts and then switched to 14 gauge and now I’m not getting voltage.

I’ve got a primeweld cut 60 with a razor weld x45 machine torch

Brand new consumables

Ground clamp is on material

I’ve got plenty of airflow

I do the THC test and the arc doesn’t start.

Never had this issue in the year I’ve used this thing. What am I missing?

I’m confused.

Is the torch firing and the THC isn’t reading voltage, or is the torch just not firing?

I would check all your connections in the THC circuit.

How did you wire your prime weld?

Divided from the CPC port

Raw from the CPC port

Raw from inside the machine.

Is the green light on the top right showing that the THC is connected in Firecontrol?

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Going with the assumption that it’s the torch not firing here are some steps to try.

  1. Try to fire the torch with the manual torch fire button in FireControl, even if the torch doesn’t fire, can you hear the relay in the control box click? If the answer is no to the clicking then open your control box and check that the relay is firmly seated in the board, they have been known to loosen over time. If it still won’t click then a bad relay.

  2. If the relay clicks then pull the torch on/off cable from the control box and short between the inside and outside of the barrel plug on that end of the cable completing the torch fire circuit and see if the torch fires. If it does then the problem is probably a bad contact in the relay. But just to be sure, plug the cable back in and try to fire it again, sometimes those barrel plugs can also work loose enough to not make a good connection.

  3. If shorting the cable doesn’t fire the torch then the next step depends on how you’re wired.

  4. If you’re cable plugs into a CPC plug on your plasma cutter then remove the cable from the plasma cutter and short between the torch on/off pins in the CPC plug on the plasma cutter. If the torch fires then you have a bad cable or loose connection in the cable. If it doesn’t fire then the problem is internal to the plasma cutter.

  5. If, however, your on/off cable is wired directly to the lugs inside the plasma cutter then the problem could be the cable itself or internal to the plasma cutter, there’s just no way to know which without opening up your plasma cutter.

Hope this helps

Edited for a little more clarity…


Hey man, I apologize for the late reply. I appreciate you taking the time to help. I actually ended up getting it to work and to be honest, I don’t even know what the issue was. I did update fire control, so I don’t know if that was the issue? I was able to cut a bunch of stuff today.

Thanks again.