Plasma won’t cut or turn on just blows air

After 30 cuts my machine no longer wants to cut, it does not turn on just blows air? Nothing has changed since day 1
Ground direct to sheet metal
Two air filters
35 amps
Does cut manually when I removed plasma from table.
The torch tip seems a little worn but not bad at all.
Ordering THC upgrade in the next few days

What plasma cutter?

Did you check the wires to the control box?

Did you check and or can you hear the relay in the control box click?

Razor weld 45
I checked all wires and connecting everything feels/looks solid.
Yes I do hear the click when it suppose to fire but just blows air

here is a clip from this version of the manual

razerweld cut45 troubleshooting

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You said the plasma cutter works if you unhook it from the controller. That would mean it is in the wiring, program or the controller.

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