Plasma torch selection

I have an XR ordered with the Razorweld 45. I have asked a reputable user their opinion of the Razorweld and they are very satisfied with its performance in a non-manufacturing use model. I plan to use my torch for what I hope turns into more regular use, but it will certainly be slow at first. That said, I have been thinking that I maybe should ‘bite the bullet’ and buy a Hypertherm 45xp. I have seen it advertised with a machine torch and 25ft of cable for around $2500 (PN 088121). That’s $1500 (no joke!) more than the Razorweld, but will the Hypertherm’s reliability/capability be worth spending the money now? The RW 45 would in all likelihood be more than adequate for my needs, but I dont want to get frustrated with lack of cut quality or reliability/service issues either. Is anyone using the HT 45xp with their machine torch on an XP?

The HT machine torch looks to have a gear rack bolted to the side of it. I assume I would simply be removing this to mount the torch into LS torch holder?

Thanks for your thoughts on the topic.


I mostly dont want to fight with a machine or get poor quality out of it. I think it might be worth the $1500 hit for the upgrade. Tin Whisper’s reaction says the same thing.

Thanks for replies. Love to hear more from anyone else. I am going to try a better search effort as well.


I used mine solely as a hobbyist table - my first plasma table, and I cranked out plenty of artwork and stuff for friends with the Razorweld, and never had an issue. Made a fair amount of cash with it (I’m an engineer by day, so just play with it for fun). Let’s say usage was 1 hour per day on average for 2 months and maybe 1 hour a week the rest of the year. Would it have held up to constant use or production work? Likely not. But I literally never had a single issue with it, and I was happy enough with the cut quality. I now have the Primeweld Cut60, and it’s a little more finicky than the RW. Eventually, I do want a Hypertherm, though, but what I have works.

Thanks for the reply. I too am an engineer by day and this plasmatorch will be more hobbbyist-use at first, but I am planning for it to support a business. I think there are enough opinions expressing the need for a better plasma torch that I should spend the cash.

Let’s keep the engineer by day motif going… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m a structural engineer by day and picked this up as a hobby. I’m fairly new to the whole thing. If my wife would have let me I would have bought the hypertherm. Initially when we discussed buying the table I was going to buy the XL so I was already stretching the budget we agreed on by stepping up to the pro, so another $1800 for the hypertherm was a bridge to far.

I think if it’s in your budget do it.

I will likely buy one eventually. I went with the PrimeWeld cut 60. I had a lotus ltp5000d so HF start, not compatible with the the table so I sold it. I thought about keeping it around to use as a hand torch but I listed it for pretty much what I paid for it and sold it in a week. I would say if I were to do it again I might go with an everlast machine. I haven’t had allot of issues but it’s always in the back of my head that I could have an interference issue… just added stress… you know engineers… we know stress… okay lame engineer joke.

Summary… if the hypertherm is in your budget get it.