Plasma torch leads

I currently have a shopiron 30amp plasma cutter. Its a lower end plasma but i would really like to make it work to start with me new table with plans of upgrading in the future. All the specs match up to work with the plasma table im awaiting delivery for in April. The only issue i might have is the length of the torch lead. They require 19’ of lead length to work with the new table. Does anyone have any experience extending the wires for the torch lead and possibly splicing the air line to extend it? My torch lead is hard wired into the machine and i havent had much luck finding a replacement torch. The manufacturer does not offer any support to get me a longer lead. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

From what i have found out on the shopiron ( I also have one that I just wired for my table but havnt tried yet) Currently using a vipercut 30, Is they are not high frequency start so that less than 19’ shouldnt be an issue. I cant imagine the 19’ being required for length on the pro? My viper is about 2 foot from my control box . I havnt researched it though so maybe there is something im missing. Im going to use the shopiron on the XL and move the viper to the pro. had a few unforseen issues so havnt been able to get the hypertherm im wanting just yet so will make due for now. My pro is saposed to ship jan/feb . I will try the shop Iron on it and see what happens and hopefully be able to answer your questions.

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Im currious where you seen the 19’ requirement at. I dont see it . I probably over looked it. Ok i see where it says 16’ but still dont see why , unless its more of a recomendation to keep the cutter out of the splashing water or something.

Thats what it was. Sorry thats my mix-up. I thought it was 19’ for some reason. My plan was to just try mount the plasma where i can utilize as much lead as possible and see how it works. Make due and plan to upgrade my plasma in the future.

I think it will work ok myself. But who knows till its tried.

Yeah exactly. My pro wont ship till April so ill be waiting for a little while yet. Thanks for your input. Im interested in finding out how yours will work if you try it on the pro.

Your torch could be sent out and longer leads added if you really want to have it done.
Contact me if you think this is what you want to do.

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