Plasma not cutting

I am having a problem getting the plasma cutter to cut. It is firing ok but it is like engraving on the metal not cutting. Ground is good, pressure is good and amps is good. Help!

What is your travel speed?

How are your consumables?

What is your Pierce delay set for?

Which Crossfire machine do you have?

Good as in clamped to your material on bare metal?

What plasma machine do you have and what pressure are you operating at?

What material thickness are you cutting and what amperage are you using?

travel speed is 100 IPM
consumables should be good the machine is only 2 months old and I have not cut that much on it
I have the Crossfire XR, with the Razorweld 45 that came with it.
clamp was on the metal I was cutting and it was bare, pressure was at 80 psi and I was cutting 16 gauge and I just finished cutting another project right before that and it was the same metal so no settings were changed. the amp was set at 30

I am stuck with the same issue been trying to figure it for couple of weeks.

Pull your consumables out and visually inspect them.

Make sure the hafnium emitter is still in good shape in the electrode.

Also take a look at the nozzle make sure the orifice is still completely round.

If in doubt the quality take a picture and post it on here.

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Does the arc look green when it’s just etching the metal? If so, your electrode is toast and you could be damaging your torch.

My guess is your consumables are toast. Replace the tip and electrode.

Thank you so much for the help it was the tip was burned. It is working fine now.

Where do I order these parts??

I believe you can order them off the langmuir main site at their store.


@mechanic416 can also help you out.


highly recommended!!!