Plasma eye protection

I wear glasses so I’m looking for something I can slip on/off.

I have my mig/tig welding helmet for now, or these from my grandfather. :slight_smile:

if you look at the back of those there is likely a retainer clip. pop out a lens and take it to a welding supply they will likely have some in stock. I recommend #10 shade but some guys use 8 if you are staying under 100amps. if your staying under say 50 amps then they can be a little lighter. I have similar ones and if I have to have them on all day I like them and they fit over my safety glasses too. the new lenses have to be the right size or you will have problems. I have some 3M plastic trendy-looking ones. they aren’t as effective at scaring the kids and they scratch too easily but they are very light on your face

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Ah, these are over 50 years old, maybe more. It’s all one leather piece. I’d destroy it trying to replace the lens. These are maybe #3, blue tint.

They have some on Amazon that slip over glasses like the sunglasses old timers wear when driving.

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Oh, I thought they were the kind with the bakelite shells that covered your eyes I was actually going to ask if yours were vented on the sides. I also didn’t realize the cobalt glass is hard to come by now I think I’ll hide mine away now and only use them to scare the kiddies