Plasma cutting fluid

Has anyone used Sterling Plasmacut fluid additive and is it good

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I just bought some, I’ll report back.

I just got mine in and so far i like it.


Sweet. Mine will be here Wednesday. Just enough time to get some better washers for my van stone flanges. RV water tank is still a ways out though.

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yeah, i was thinking about an RV water tank as well. What did you wind up getting? Good reviews? Link? I bought a transfer pump that someone recommend somewhere among-st the post.

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i cut with it a couple of days, drained it into a bucket, cleaned the table and loaded the fluid back in the table. im on the road for a couple of days and will see if any rust has formed. In the couple of days that i cut with that fluid, i did not see any rust. What you see is the fluid after draining and refilling the table. (original fluid)


This is the one I went with.

Class A Customs 13 Gallon Water Tank & Plumbing Kit T-1300-BPK

I’m also going to just run a transfer pump. I already have one that I use to drain my kids blow up pool so i can water the lawn instead of just dumping water.

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looks good to me. Appreciate the help on spending my money. Sometimes it tough. LOL

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so when you say Fluid…do you mean regular water with that Sterling additive? we are still building our machine…but want to get ahead of what I need for the water table.

so Brownfox, I am new to this, and we are still assembling our table…what is the tank for? Is it to hold extra water or to drain the table with? and the transfer pump is for what? sorry for such newbie questions, Lisa

Yes. it is a 20 to 1 mix.

It’s to hold the contents of the water table when it drains. Some add air fittings to then use air to refill the table, I plan on just using a transfer pump.

When I started, I had no intention of modifying the drains, beyond maybe a dimple to the original hole and some tubing to the 1/4 plug.

But after moving the table a couple of times and waiting for it to drain, I decided I wanted a faster draining setup.

I’m just in need of some flanged bolts and rubber washers and I’m good to go.

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Just got back from being on the road. Don’t see any rust. Its doing its job

Don’t pull the trigger on that 13 gal tank yet. I put 12 in my table and thought it looked a hair low. Added another two and it seemed right, but had a lot of splash out. 13 may be the set spot, but accounting for the drains and the bottom 1/2 inch of the tank, may not be enough.

But I’m very happy with the fluid. Shipped fast, good price, tons left over after my initial fill. I used some scotch brute plus inline filters from McMaster Carr and poured beautiful blue fluid back in.


Hehee…i already got it. and noticed the same thing. I have the top 1/2 inch port open so the tank can breath when filling and draining. Going to plug it back up and put a tiny hole in the very top. Im thinking maybe can get at least another gallon and a half. i was running mine at 12 gal as well. you might be right, 13 to 13 1/2 might be the sweet spot. On another note, i went away for 6 days and left the water in the table. I drained it into the 13 gal tank when i got back today just to see how much fluid had evaporated. Holy moly, it was down almost 2 inches from where it normally sits. So with that being said, if you are going away for awhile, might be worth draining into our tanks to avoid that much evaporation…

What filter did you get? does it use a replaceable filter element?

Just this little Inline screen. Between that and the scotch brite it seemed pretty clean when I drained. I won’t know for sure until I do a complete drain, clean and refill. But in the 4 gallons I drained and out back in the screen caught a couple of goobers.

roger that.

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