Plasma cutter woes

so i believe i experienced a little moisture in in my cutters air line this evening, i have one of those 2 stage harbor freight filter dryers on my air line, and had some issues, desiccant wasnt blue anymore. replaced the desiccant and i figured another dryer filter at the machine wouldnt hurt either. did both and had better results from the machine. but still not great. at times it would cut fine and then on other parts of the program it seems like the machine is looking for the ground and etching/gouging instead of cutting through… any ideas?

already went through a couple tips and electrodes…

and machine is a harbor freight cutter.

i preordered a everlast 60s as according to oleg, their 2019 machines wont be in till the end of this month… hoping for better results there

I have a 3 stage , Desiccant , 2 filters/water separaters and one at the cutter. Leave tank slow drain allways. Beads are pink in about 30 minutes.water dripping out of the separaters non stop. very humid here this time of the year with snow and rain. Shop not being heated unless im in it probably dont help. Only time i have experienced what you are saying is when i forgot to put my ground clamp back on after cleaning the water table.I ground it to the slats. And everlast. I just got done looking at them 5 minutes ago on there site, Im thinking the 50s with machine torch. Dont know why i have had zero issues with the viper 30i. I guess I always want more.

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Same boat I have had no issues with my RW45 but keep looking at the 60S with Machine Torch but already added S45 machine torch my RW45.

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Already have the 60s on the way, just trying to get a few things done with the harbor freight cutter in the mean time and it’s giving me issues

You will have a spare that way.

If it wasn’t for all the electrical upgrades I might need. That 100 amp with machine torch would be cool if nothing else.

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From what I can tell the Everlast uses the same Central connector for the torch as the RW. I would be able to use the S45 Machine torch and have the iPT 60M torch for heaving stuff.

But this just being stupid haha what I have work fine but that bigger better more syndrom is tough :slight_smile:

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Man I hear ya. I can’t believe I didn’t go overkill to begin with. Well I somewhat did I now have 2 plasma cutters. Hope it’s just a temporary craving and I get over it.

My high amperage plug setup is rated for 50 amps, the max inrush on their 80s is 58 and change. I would have gotten that one if I didn’t have to change things up in the shop. But for anything I’m doing, half inch pierce capacity is more than enough…

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Don’t know what changed, went back out to try again and the thing was cutting flippin beautifully… not sure what happened but I am happy… gonna invest in another higher grade dryer filter setup to add between the 2 I have. Figure it can’t hurt

Great. Im asuming you drain your air tank often? here is what I have and the one at plasma.

Drain it every time I’m out there like clockwork

Anyone using an auto drain? I put one on mine a couple of months ago because I wasn’t as diligent about draining mine. I figured I’d pull the auto drain and do a manual one next month to see if it was working well or if I should just go back to manually draining. Was wondering what everyone else’s experience with an auto drain was.

Thought about auto drain, But just let mine seep air all the time so homade auto drain? My compressor is 60 gallon so it never effects air supply. Guess many has alot smaller one so auto would make more sense to them.

Harbor freight sells one for like 10-15 bucks, auto drain that works without an electrical source. Bought one just haven’t put it on yet. Still not even sure how it works or “knows” when to drain…

That’s the one I use. I replaced the hose that attaches to the valve with high pressure fuel hose and clamps. It runs down to the valve which is placed on an extension from the bottom of the tank valve. It’s pressure activated and twitches open when the compressor cycles.

Does it do a pretty good job at getting all the moisture out?

Don’t know - it’s always opening up to drain for a few seconds when the compressor cycles. I figured I’d let it stay like that for a couple of months and then drain it the old way to see if it has been effective. I may do that tomorrow just to see if it’s leaving water in the bottom.

I think I read that it’s only good up to 100 psi, is that correct?

Just bought a hurbor f auto drain and didn’t even look at psi. Btw stand up blasting cabinet 40 off right now is why I was there.