Plasma cutter will not turn on when trying to run a cut

I am trying to run a simple cut with mach3. i can get my torch to turn on when i press f5 but it will not turn on when i start the cutting operation

are you using sheetcam or fusion360 for cgode? if fusion, did you download and copy over the crossfire mach3 post processor?

i am using sheetcam

Which post processor are you using for sheetcam? Should be mach3 with no Z.

Hi There, I also would go a long with a post processor issue, I had a similar issue (being a newbee) and had to figure out the different things that had to be in the SheetCam/Options/Machine/Post processor items. You need to install the update Firecontrol-V1.6 in the post processor folder of SheetCam. This can require messing around and a couple of tries to find and install, at least it did for me. Under Output folder encoding should be Default encoding. You need to set up the tools THC to 0, etc. I am using a pierce of 0.9 sec. and a kerf of 0.021, lead-in/out 0.15, post cut run-out 0.1 and a 1.0 sec pause at the end of the cut.