Plasma Cutter under table - Pro

I am going to be welding up all the holes and seams in the water table and want to put the plasma machine under the table. How about putting it on the opposite side of the control box so it does not interfere? Thoughts? Is there something that I am missing? Thanks

Keep in mind the air from torch will make water splash out often. I wouldn’t recommend it. I would make a bracket or shelf to mount above the table before putting it under.


to be honest as much as people say don’t do that…2 years now and no water splashing on it for me…but that does not mean I am not moving it…not gonna tempt fate that hard…


Where r u going to move it to? On top with that shelf as mentioned before?

Put it on a shelf on the wall above the table out of the way.

Now I am going to say that it may never happen. But I would not like a 240 volt, 50 amp electric circuit under my bath tube just in-case it would spring a leak.

That’s just me if you feel lucky and it will never happen to you then put it under there.


I have my Everlast sitting on one of these on the opposite side of the control box.

That works well also. :+1:

Thanks to the long cable on the machine torch I got from you I can put it just about anywhere I want.

I’m in a 12 step program to help me stop buying HF tool boxes when they go on sale…


I want mine under the table too. It seems like if it’s on a box to get it a little higher and set back a little it would be safe from splashing.

Just buy extra life insurance. It should be fine under a tube of water.


I said earlier I wouldn’t dream of it… why would you buy a plasma paying between 1k and 4k for it just to put in under a water table. Then spend the rest of your time trying to burn a hole in the water pan. There has been people cut holes by accident in the pan.

It would be ok to store it under the table then move it out to use the machine… you will be flirting with disaster keeping it under the table