Plasma Cutter shelf over table

I currently have my razorweld 45 on a table beside by CrossFire Pro but it’s frequently in my way. I’d like to have a shelf above the Crossfire table so it doesn’t take up any valuable floor space. I’m hesitant to put it below the table for fear of a water mishap at some point.
Has anyone done that yet? I’d love to see a picture if so. I’m envisioning something that would attach to the two legs and with minimal clearance above the THC. Ideally I would also mount the control box to it if the cables would reach.

a lot of people put their plasma units up on a wall…look at this thread


I built a frame around mine that holds welding curtains, and a shelf off to the side where the cutter lives now. I’d share a picture but it’s not exactly my most engineered work. It was done in a hurry to be up and running again. I did however copy the idea from another member, I’m sure with some searching and browsing you’ll come across it.

I have my table on casters; it floats in the middle(-ish) of my shop so a wall shelf doesn’t work for me.

to be clear when you asked you question you stated

you never stated you wanted to know who mounted them on the table but above it…you just stated on a shelf above the table…so we all thought “hey a lot of people have hung them on the wall”…

Your idea to mount it to the table but above it sounds really cool…
I think you could easily install a pole fastened to the leg of the table with a platform on top…

we would love to see pictures when you do this…

I’m interested in doing this also my table is out in the open so I can feed it from either side. When I had my water table welded I had 1/4 SS bolts welded in the screw holes and went all the way through the tubes so I had the remove the stanchion bolts on the front and raise the upper portion like a car hood to get the table reinstalled. The top was heavy enough the table wanted to flip over so you might have to put it a little towards the front.

To be fair, you inferred he wanted it on the wall :slight_smile:

When I read it yesterday I was about to post a link to a couple of posts that had wall mounted shelves but then wondered if “above” meant over the table like “below” meant under the table. I figured he probably meant that because of his reference to people mounting theirs below and worrying about water.

Then I tried thinking of ways to do it. For me, it wouldn’t work because I drop the wire/hose boom when I put mine away so it’s mostly flat & I don’t have ceiling height for a shelf up high enough to clear the boom as well as adding another 2ft for the shelf & plasma unit.

Still noodling it though. It’s an interesting problem. Not sure how to deal well with the change in the table’s COG when adding so much weight so high up (which matters for a rolling table). Your thought about attaching to the legs is generating some thoughts though.

I think this statement was pretty clear that he wanted to mount it to the table somehow…
As @jamesdhatch says, that would be unique and interesting to see.

It doesn’t seem like it should be very difficult but always prefer to “go to school” on someone else’s effort whenever possible. It’s pretty rare that I make something and don’t immediately see a way that it could be improved. I’ll probably just plow ahead and make something and suffer the humiliation of public ridicule when I post the results :slight_smile:

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I find it a bit challenging to wordsmith these kinds of questions. Thanks for the input. I’ll post my attempt of a solution.

hey I did not mean any disrespect…I kind of jumped to it…but that is seriously a great idea…
the way I would look at it is to be on the oposite side of the table from where your laptop or PC is…come up the 2 legs at the end with posts and then bridge between the posts and put a shelf there…that way you are putting weight on 2 legs…

This forum is very friendly and welcomes new ideas, no matter how silly. We don’t ridicule…
Well, except @toolboy, of course, but he deserves it.

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I know the taste of my foot very well…

My thoughts were 3 legs at least - two legs with a cantilevered shelf supporting 30lbs on a rolling cart will need to make sure the plasma is in just the right position to not tip over.

Also, the height needs to be pretty high vs the desired “minimal clearance over the THC” otherwise instead of having to deal with the wire & hose boom, he’ll also have to deal with some hose/cable management. On top of that something that short will obstruct viewing angles and potentially get in the way when trying to deal with tip-ups or even just getting projects off the table.

It’s the elevated weight & what happens as you roll the table around that concern me, regardless of how high he makes the shelf. Pretty sure 3 (or 4) supports would be better to distribute the weight so it’s not tip over prone.

Underneath I think is best. Stand it off the floor on bricks and make sure it’s not under the center or a drain. What’s to worry? Unless you use the space for something else. I’m planning a rolling rack to stack sheets (I precut sheets into thirds) so maybe I’ll do the shelf thing eventually. But I don’t see a reason to worry about it underneath.

Steel table full of water, 240 volts on a 50 amp circuit under it. What could go wrong.


always one …party pooper…ahahahaha

I made a shelf right away for my RC45 and a tank for fluid storage. It’s been over a year without an issue. Occasionally I
get a little splatter during post flow - but it’s a quick cleanup.

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I have seen a lot of them on walls for shelf size it depends on the size of your plasma machine