Plasma cutter selection

I am moving towards a CF Pro purchase and trying to line up a plasma cutter replacement to my current older Snapon YA2230.

I have a lead on a Hypertherm Powermax900.
Wondering if I should be considering the newer versions as these are discontinued. I have also seen on this forum some issues regarding hypertherm misfire and rapid consumable wear.
is there a notable difference between the top brands? Hypertherm, Miller, Lincoln, Thermal Dynamics… others?


I am using a Hypertherm 45 XP. Very happy with it so far. Primarily using fine cut consumables with a machine torch. It’s a bit pricey but well worth the investment in the long run.

Like many things with cnc plasma cutting, it take some trial and error to dial in exact cutting parameters but the ones in the Hypertherm chart are really close so far. Just tend to reduce cutting speed by around 5 percent of those posted. Haven’t had any misfire issue s with my setup that are related to the torch. Just bad default tool settings like plunge rate in sheet cam defaulting to 3.4 ipm, should be 60ipm

Thanks for the input… any thoughts on the older (discontinued) powermax 900 vs a 45XP?

Powermax 900 is a good machine if you get it for the right price. It was discontinued back in 2001 if I remember right so replacement parts may be bit of a challenge. I do believe the consumable life on the 45XP is much better based on some feedback Jim Colt posted on another board some time ago.

Thanks you :relaxed: