Plasma cutter options

OK so, I am going to use the old Harbor BoBo on the CF Pro for a while until I can save some pennies. The plan WAS to get the Hypertherm 45. I called my local place where I get all my supplies from they said at minimum 12 weeks out with remote start, 180 duramax torch and a CPC port. He threw a couple other options at me, sooo I came here for opinions.

Thermal Dynamics Cut master 40
Esab A120

I need to have a portable and figured I’d keep the better one on the Pro. I need to be able to pierce and cut 1/2" I couldn’t imagine needing to go to 3/4".

Order the 45xp from somewhere else. It will be worth it.


Thanks for talking to me off of the cliff. I did talk to hypertherm directly. They are certainly on 11 to 12 week at minimum before they ship.
I called my place back and told him that’s exactly what I wanted but actually I went up to the 65 on HTs recommendation. However I did like on the 45’s not sure if you guys know, he told me it was new. You turn it down to 10 amps and then it scribes the metal does not cut. Unfortunately the 65 will not do that.

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I ordered a Hypertherm 85 in December and had to wait.

100% worth it.

when I received it it was only 6 days old from the manufacture date.

I think they are made in Boston ?

So I just got off the phone again with the welding shop. The first one he ordered for me was 3275 hypertherm is telling me I need the one that is 3875.

The difference is the more expensive one has a serial port as well as the CPC port. Do I need a serial port? I will be getting the crossfire pro.

You just need the cpc port for easy wiring.

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I suspect the serial port would provide you with some added compatibility with professional grade CNC plasma systems. Do you ever anticipate you might upgrade to a big table?

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Thanks for the input! I don’t ever expect to go to a $10, 000 plus machine. But you never know.

You’d be up around the 100k area before a serial port was necessary.

Not sure by what you mean remote start? Is that like the pendant? That’s not needed either if it is.

Ya, hahaha I’d never need a serial port then. Yes the remote start is It’s also referred to as the pendant. Not exactly sure what it’s for. My understanding is it turns the box on and off remotely so you don’t have to physically touch it?

CPC Port with Selectable Voltage is what you need.

from this there are 4 connections that you need.
Tigger ON 2 wires
divided voltage to THC box 2 wires.

if you wanted to add a serial port in the future with this kit

228539 Upgrade kit: Serial interface port (RS-485) its about 200$ you likely will never need it.

hypertherm serial port install pdf

I would be interesting though to see log and read the data come off the serial port during a cut.

serial port manual

its would sure be a cool option if firecontrol could use this interface then we could adjust amperage and pressure from firecontrol.

here is more serial information about the serial data

modbus over serial line

Modbus Application Protocol

I dont really understand the details but using this data in future firecontrol versions would be pretty slick.

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If you can get a model without the pendant cheaper go for that one.
Pendants are just a machine torch fire switch through the cpc port. There used with track cutters for ripping steel sheets.

The one on order is the 65, 180° torch and CPC port. Should be good to go with that combo.

Thanks for the help!

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