Plasma cutter not firing with program

Ok so I bought a CM Cut50 plasma cutter off eBay. It’s a pilot ark so it fires as soon as you pull the trigger. I’ve tried to hook it up to my newly built table and software works I can jog the torch head all around the table but I can’t get the plasma cutter to fire. My wiring is as follows. Two wires come off the trigger down through the fire protective sleeve and The fitting at the end screws onto the base of the plasma cutter on the inside of that where it screws onto is a black and a brown wire. The ground wire comes down from the trigger not in that same housing but separately and screws onto the front of the machine next to the connector for the torch trigger. Does anyone know what wires I need to hook the two up to the cable I received with the table question ? The thing of fire manually when I pull the trigger but not with the program when I push the torch on off button it flashes yellow across the bar and just keeps blinking. Any help would be appreciated

I know it’s from China but this thing cuts great. I’ve used it a bunch freehand but now want to get into using the CNC to cut parts out more efficiently… it is a 220 machine not 110. Here is the machine I have.

Hi, unfortunately that is a high frequency plasma cutter and is not compatible with the CrossFire. Please refer to this page for a list of compatible plasma cutters:

We’ll shoot… guess I’ll have to get another plasma cutter. Thank you for the response!

Keep this one for handcutting full sheets down to fit on the machine! Always nice to have a second cutter.

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I agree on the 2nd if you can afford to get another. Bummer the one you got wont work.