Plasma cutter location

Where is everyone putting their plasma machine? I’ve thought about wall mounting it or putting it near where it’s at on the ground. Don’t want it to get wet and don’t want it to look like it’s just sitting there. Just looking for some ideas

plasma cut a nice bracket to mount it off the floor on the side. Make a roof for it too in case table gets splashy. I have not resolved this dilemma for myself yet either!

@OxMadeFab did a good job mounting his machine high and out of the way of everything!
langmuir xr

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We were considering mounting ours on the wall but I also like the option of the machine torch cable running in the drag chain. I guess we’ll have to figure out when ours gets here (they are saying end of July).

I wall mounted mine at the end of the drag link above the control box also turned the interior regulator all the way open and removed the handle from mine. (Not pictured) Plummer an external regulator to help with moisture and fine tuning

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That is a super clean setup! I assume that white covering is how you’re running the monitor the control box?

Yup just used TV wire hider to run the power wire for the computer and the cnc cable to the box for the table which is located on the left side close to the plasma cutter.

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Also used led lights under it and connected the table to Alexa so she can turn my table on and turn my lights on


What are you going to be cutting on your machine?

Off road parts and accessories for Toyota/Lexus. Plasma table is the core of a new business. @t4nader on instagram