Plasma cutter keeps dying

Why does my plasma cutter keep dying. After cutting for about 2 seconds the arc dies but air is still flowing through the nozzle. I’ve tried cutting manually and have the same issue. I’m cutting 22 gauge galvanized steel at 20 Amps and using razorcut 45 plasma cutter.

I’d first check the work lead / clamp and make sure it’s got a good connection.

My bad I forgot to mention I clamped the ground to the work itself.

be sure you’ve got a respirator or good ventilation cutting galvanized…what model cutter do you have? Someone who’s got one may have some ideas…

I did mention its a razorcut 45.

You did and I missed it. :+1:

You should be about maxed out on ipm cutting 22 gauge

Yeah, what’s your feed speed and what happens with other materials?

I’ve got it set to 300 ipm. What is the thinnest I can reliably cut with the razorcut 45