Plasma cutter help

Can I use any plasma cutter from Home Depot or does it have to be a certain type ?

I believe you can use any modern plasma cutter but this is the case of"follow the hurd"
I don’t know what brand plasma machine HD is selling but I dont believe you want something nobody else has been using.
At some point you may need help with it and if no one is using that machine you may be on your own.
Couple things that is important when selecting a machine for the Crossfire:
How much and where do you get consumables.
Do they offer a machine torch for future upgrade?
Will I be able to open it up and wire it to the crossfire?
Razorweld, Everlast, Hypotherm and a couple others seem to be the machines most folks are using, you know they work well, why swim upstream?

Just my 2 cents. Good luck.