Plasma cutter compatibility Hobart

When I purchased my Crossfire I looked at the compatibility chart prior to purchasing a Hobart Air Force 250A plasma cutter. I’m about to get rolling but I now see that the compatibility chart has been updated and states the Crossfire requires 220 volt plasma cutters. It then sort of leaves the door open to some units might work. If it doesn’t work I will have wasted my time and money. Which is it?

There is no reason why it would require 220 plasma cutters, other than the fact that 110 plasma machines are very underpowered. The Hobart 250a is rated at 12 amps with a 35% duty cycle, so it is way underpowered for CNC plasma cutting. The recommended cut speed of 10 IPM on 1/8" is painfully slow compared the the 100 IPM that I run at 40 amps with my Everlast 52i 220 volt cutter.

The Primeweld Cut60 is a much better suited machine, even when used on 110 power.

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