Plasma cutter arcs at initial power on

Hello newbie here. But I’m using the Hynade cut60dn with machine torch. The issue I’m having is when I turn on the machine “plasma cutter” it initiates arc for a few seconds then shuts off acting as if it triggers a breaker? I also have no fire during test phase just air. This is an issue with both the THC active and deactivated. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Crossfire pro.

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Maybe take a couple pictures and post how you have it set up.

When it’s not hooked to the langmuir electronics enclosure does it fire went on?

What error message comes up on the machine and fire control?

Could you video record or screen capture fire control as it runs this program and fails.

We will need more information about your situation.

Sounds like a crossed wire somewhere.

Here’s a link to that plasma cutter it does state that it is not high frequency. (Non-HF)


Thanks for the quick response. I’ll get some pictures this evening and try to get a video of initial start. As far as an error I’ve yet to get an actual error message. I’ve yet to even try a cut file. This is all at setup I’m having this issue. Again thanks and I’ll get back with some evidence.

I agree with Tin, It sounds like a wiring issue to me. I also verified it was a non HF blowback start machine.

Also found this video of it successfully being used with a CF pro machine.
Testing the most affordable CNC plasma cutter on Amazon Hynade CUT60DN - Bing video

Have you tried this?

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You connect pin 1 and 2 to the back of the machine on the CNC port with the connector provided by cynade and the cable supplied by crossfire pro. Make sure your torch is close enough to the work piece. And like above, test the machine manually by hand make sure it works.