Plasma Center punch

I’ve set up a drilling function in sheet cam to center punch holes. On the part I was cutting out there are three holes. No matter which order I place the the starts it will only cut the first one and the third one and never fire off on the second one. Hypertherm 45xp. Anybody have an idea on this?

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Try adding a longer delay between the first and second. I have read of people experiencing a misfire from that cutter when piercing in rapid succession. If you search this forum with the magnifying glass in the upper right, you can find more details on that issue. I have a different cutter and just remember reading about it, not the how to.


Thanks for your response, I’ll keep digging. The weird part is that I’ve got three holes to peck. Two are close together and the other one is a couple inches away. I’ve tried changing the order all different ways and even with the extra travel time it’s still always the second one that doesn’t cut.

i use it all the time but with a cut60. every once in a while it’ll skip one but its rare.

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Maybe post up your file or a pic etc. Check your consumables and air. I used the 45xp for about a year and went to the 65. I had alot of misfires with the 45 but it wouldn’t be on something with such less piercing. I’d pierce 100 times per file on average. Try a different file too, make sure its not the gcode. But yes back to back cuts are boogers for misfires. I can sometimes get around 4k pierces on my consumables and about 10 misfires. Sometimes I get 2500 pierces bf I start getting alot of misfires. I got a good system down where I keep track of my pierces. I also clean the consumables a few times a day. Make sure you have good filtration also. I only use HYP consumables and mostly the copper plus electrodes.