Plasma 65 and THC

I know that topic this is on another question but I did not understand the answer there.

I need to wire the THC to the Plasma 65 and I am not sure which wires on the CPC I need to wire it to. 5&6 say voltage but 12 & 14 are mentioned in the last feed.

I am not sure which pins to use.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Is this the topic that you are referring to?

As I said in the other thread, you cannot wire the THC to the CNC port. The voltage from the port is divided at 20:1 and puts out voltage that is much too high for the divided voltage input of the Langmuir VIM(voltage input module).

To get voltage readings for the THC, you will have to remove the cover from the plasma cutter and wire directly to the connections behind the torch and the work clamp for raw voltage. The Red wire goes to the work clamp side and the Black wire goes to the torch side.

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TinWhisperer- yes that was the thread. I did not understand what was said.

ds - Thank you so much. I did not fully understand. I do now. It is great that you know what you are doing and you can explain it well. There are people that know what they are doing but can’t explain it. You do a very good job at explaining it. Thank you again. I appreciate your help.

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