PIM Files vs TAP Files

Hello im new to this Sheetcam and Fusion 360 i work for a steel company in Texas i program all the machines and i use SDS Shop Date System my question is can sheetcam or Fusion 360 read PIM files or can Fire control read the files or it have to be TAP files

SheetCam takes graphics files like SVG, DXF, HPGL, etc, that represent the object to be cut and produces a G-Code file. That file can have any extension (determined by the post processor) but is typically .TAP for Mach 3 controllers (CrossFire), or .NC with the FireControl (CrossFire Pro) post processor.
If you can generate an SVG or DXF file from your program, then SheetCam should be able to work with it.

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Thank you TomWS yes i have AutoCAD and a new program call Raptor i can make SVG and DXF thank you for you help TomWS