Pierce Function in Fusion 360 CAM

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Curious as to what this function actually does? If I use a lead in/out, is this even necessary. When I add it to the post nothing really changes with the tool path that I can see.

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I’m new to this, but it is my understanding that the pierce clearance is a distance added to the lead in distance.

I suppose if you’re using a laser your pierce might be the same size as your kerf and you may not need to add any additional space, but with a plasma you’re blowing a slightly larger hole to start, which could effect the edge quality of your cut if you were to use a short lead in.


Thanks for the reply.

What you say is probably correct. I have found it really makes no difference in my parts as I normally use small lead ins or non at all due to the fine nature of my work. I have found just set to zero and forget about it…