Pierce delay question

Hello all,

I run a Primeweld Cut 60 with my Pro. I recently upgraded my torch to the razorweld x45 machine torch. Yesterday I started having an issue where my arc initiates after the torch starts moving, which is leaving incomplete cuts. My pierce delay has not changed, it was set to .5. My consumables were brand new (using hypertherm consumables that is compatible with the torch). My ground is good.

With my primeweld torch, I ran 14 gauge at 85ipm at 35 amps. I was running the same speed with the machine torch, but at 45 amps. I tried speeding it up, but I thought maybe my speed was too fast and that’s why this was happening. But it was still happening at 85ipm.

Is my speed to slow? Is it a pierce delay issue?

I apologize if this is long winded, I didn’t know of any other way of explaining it. Thank you ahead of time.

Increase your pierce. See what it does.

I would say you are running to slow for 45 amps.

You need to get it to pierce metal first

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how much should I increase it?

if I am running at 45 amps, what speed would you recommend I run?

Try 1 second and go up or down from there maybe .8

With my rw 45 I ran 30 amps around 90 Ipm with my hypertherm 45 amp I run 250.

I would start around 100…
May you a small circle or square so you don’t waste a lot of material.

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Ok, I will try that. Thank you!

Let us know how it goes new torch may require longer pierce

I did .8 pierce delay and 120 ipm and it seemed to work great. Thank you for the suggestion.