Pierce delay not in tool library?

Can someone explain why pierce delay isn’t an option in the tool library? I began setting up various tools based on combination of tip size and material thickness, inputting straight from Hypertherm cut charts guide. When I run post process it doesn’t pick up the cut height or pierce height from the tool properties, and I have to manually change the pierce delay each time I post process depending on my tip/material thickness combination?

I am just starting out with an XR, so please tell me if this sounds wrong. This seems like a major waste of time and wondering if I should purchase SheetCAM.


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I agree this is annoying, the addition of the cutting data tab in few only took a place a few month ago and this connect for some reason has been not made.

It is the case.

I would imagen that the parametric connect in the design space ( history bar) and the parametric connect between design space and manufacturing space could save you more time with one design update then refilling out the post properties 25 times.

SheetCAM is a great CAM only program but if you need to change your design you’ll have start over and to go back to your other design software update your SVG or DXF which is vastly more time consuming then updating the 3 lines to the post properties.

Eventually Fusion 360 will update this annoying disconnect.

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Thank you for the thorough response. I’ll stick with Fusion 360 and wait for an update for this issue. I didn’t catch that pierce time = pierce delay, thanks for pointing that out.

I have a Hypertherm SYNC 85 and in the included Cut Charts Guide one of the parameters it provides is Arc Voltage. I haven’t seen a place to input voltage anywhere so is this handled automatically by the SYNC 85 machine?

I wish fusion had a field for Nominal Voltage in fusion, that would be amazing.

If fusion 360 had a field in the tools cutting data, then it was autofilled in the post properties menu. The Crossfire post processor would also have to be able to pick up this in post and update firecontrol.

I am sure it will come in time.

I ve added nominal voltages to some of my tool names so I dont have to look it up and then I can add it to the program name so it shows up in fire control.

Suggestions can be made to Fusion 360 to add a feature and the more of us to request the same feature the more likely it will happen .

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