Pierce Delay Issues still

Understand this is a known issue but are there any plans to allow for shorter pierce delays in the Firecontrol software, has to be at least .5 or odd things happen, I know there is an “adjustment” on the page but still have issues if set much below 80%. I would really like to get my pierce delays for some things in the .1 second range for cut quality and to match the cut charts,. on fine line work it blows the ends out and it thing that is easy to fix if I could only do a shorter pierce.

There is nothing forcing you to set it at .5 seconds, unless new versions of Firecontrol are different than 20.6.2. I have mine set at .3 second for some of my tools for thinner metals. I doubt that .1 would work, just due to the inherent delay in processing the signal.

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I get a THC error if I set it lower every time. Must be some type of latency issue but .1 sec is still 100ms so achievable in theory.

Your plunge rate may not be fast enough for torch to move to cut height quick enough. Try upping the plunge rate.

Yes a .1 sec pierce delay can be done. But not with the equipment you are using.

I understand. I have it mostly mitigated anyway with other ways so it is usually not an issue except for single line letters.

I already learned that lesson on plunge rate. :wink: I flunked a couple of tool sets but got an A once i figured that out.

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Thanks, I’ll try the .4 and .3 next runs. I have not tried that on the latest firmware so maybe, worth a shot.