Pierce Delay is to long

Hey everyone. Ive been cutting for about a week now on my pro and ive been having issues with pierce delay taking forever. I am running a Hypertherm 45 Xp with machine torch, through sheetcam then into firecontrol. The issue i have been having is that the torch will fire and will sit there with an arc for a good 3+ seconds before it moves. I have even set the pierce delay to 0 sec and it still does the exact same thing. I am running the 1.6 version of the postprocessor.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

check to see if your in milliseconds or seconds…there may be a conflict in your settings

I just set my units to miliseconds. Set a pierce delay for 100ms. Checked G4 which said .1 and it still did the same thing.

have to hope one of the guys with the hypertherm drops in for a look at this thread

Im assuming its a setting i have wrong in sheetcam. Because i used a cut ready file from fireshare and it didnt seem to have a problem. I actually had the pierce delay to quick and it faulted out.

Here are my tool settings.

It does this with any of the tools ive created.

Plunging at ~4 IPM is likely adding significant time even only moving down 0.09in. Speed this plunge rate up!

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Wow how did i miss that!? Thank you!! Is there a recomended speed?? I threw it to 65ipm and it seems alright.

At least 50ipm. I run mine on 60. You chose well :slightly_smiling_face:

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