Pierce Delay error

I have a titanium 45 plasma cutter and crossfire with xl kit. I finally got my torch to fire, but the arc goes out after a short spark. Firecontrol says my pierce delay is too long so I shortened it by 1% and now it is too short and won’t fire at all. The torch fires manually as it should, and it fires as it should when plugged into the cnc table manually from firecontrol. Im trying to cut 22gauge weld steel.

This is a good start but please include some more specific information.

What program are you using to create your post?

What do you have your Pierce delay set for? 0.5 or greater in your post?

If you want less delay then 0.5 you have to dial it back in fire control.

With a hypertherm PowerMax with 45 amp shielded consumables on 22 ga.

There’s a zero second Pierce delay.
(If anyone knows how to achieve this let me know please)

The lowest I’ve been able to set my Pierce delay for without having a interruption is .365sec.
.5fusion post and sailed back to 73% in fire control.

Anyone know how to get a very short Pierce delay out there?