Pictures of my latest cuts

Here are some of my latest cuts using 14 ga galvanized.

“It’s too hot, can you blow on it?”


That Adrian Lee music script is amazing


can you share that colorado sign? i live in colorado :smiley:

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Sure, it’s already there!

hey thanks man! looks cool :smiley:

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Yes very cool good job if dont mine what plasma cutter r u useing

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Thanks, It’s the Hypertherm 45xp.


Love my Hypertherm! Good work!

Looks good
Stop cutting galvanized. The fumes can be deadly!

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Very nice. Here’s a few I am just getting finished


Right, thanks, I have taken proper precautions.


Yep - I do too. I only cut (or weld) galvanized outdoors with the wind blowing away from me and I wear a mask to prevent any metal dust that’s floating around get to me (

If you cut or weld galvanized you can get fume sick (like a bad case of the flu but clears up after a day) or even worse if you are constantly exposed and breathing the fumes. It’s like anything else that has safety precautions you need to take.

Here’s an article Jim Colt the guy from Hypertherm used to send people to about welding galvanized - the same precautions and hazards apply to plasma cutting.

You can also use a downdraft fume table but that’s not happening in most people’s garages :slight_smile:

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Good stuff, I use the 2097 filters, and my shop (garage) has a whole House fan. I place the table between the fresh air inlet and the fan updraft. I also stay back and just let it run. It seems to me it cuts really clean and has much less zinc smoke than welding produces.

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What are your setting for this? The detail on the script looks great.

Hypertherm cut charts are in the manual for the machine. They’ve pretty much been spot on fro me.

I used 35 amps and 80 inches per minute. I like doing slower cuts on the intricate parts so I can keep an eye on them and prevent any shifting.

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I’m a retired sheet metal worker and I welding galvanized for years. We didnt protect ourselves back in the day. Any effects seem to be short lived for me. Mostly sinus issues. However, reading more about it, these days I would avoid breathing it. A respirator and a fan or fume hood are a good idea. Happy cutting.

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“It’s too hot, can you blow on it.” Best project I’ve seen yet! LOL.

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Wow. All of those signs look amazing. The food fan is hilarious. What made you think to do that?

I’m doing a compilation video of what people have been able to accomplish with their Langmuir CNC. I’d like to send people to your Etsy Instagram FB or website as well if you have any of these.

You may use my projects for your video -

My food fan seemed obvious as I vigorously blew on 3 bowls of oatmeal every morning. It gets used everyday, it is probably the most used appliance in the kitchen now.