Picture app for sheet cam

Hi I’m kind of new to this form so hi to everyone.
I was wondering if there was a app out there you can take a picture of a part bring it into sheet cam for it to generate g codes?
Thanks any help would be great.

Lots of youtube videos on how to do this using inkscape, gimp, fusion360, sheetcam, etc. I don’t know if you’re looking for a ‘phone’ based app? If so, not aware of any.

What I do is import a pic into inkscape, convert/save to an svg, open in sheetcam and create tool paths and run the post processing to generate the g-code.

Thanks for the info greatly appreciate it

I do this all the time…I use Inkscape.
Inkscape is free and there are lots of videos to learn from.
in Inkscape you “trace to bitmap” then you will have to get into and adjust nodes and lines to refine the picture…but it gets faster after time…


Thank you I greatly appreciate all the info I’m getting from everybody.